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Friday, 25 February 2011

Creating .net user form and Integrating into Sharepoint to save data in sharepoint list as database.

Step 1. This form may contain Textboxes, ListBoxes, PeopleEditor Control, DatePicker, Upload button for Attachments etc. [Refer SnapShot]


Step 2. Just create simpe .cs (codebehined) without design and compile the dll into webpart and put the dll into inetpub bin foder.

Step 3. The form will appear  on the sharepoint page.

In the above form I have created all the controls at runtime.

eg. 1. For Textbox

Texbox projectId = new Texbox();

2. For PeopleEditor

PeopleEditor pm = new PeopleEditor();

3. For Calendar

DateTimeControl StartDate = new DateTimeContro();

4. For Attachments;

FileUpload att = new FieUpload();

Once you Initialize the Contols , you can add them in between your Htmls

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