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Saturday, 26 February 2011

Browser Enabled Infopath with PeopleEditor Control

Req: My req was to have multiple People Picker on Infopath form as below in snapshot.

Steps Carried out:

Step 1: In right Panel of Infopath go to "Add or Remove Custom Controls"
        - Click Add
        - Select Active -x
        - Select 'Contact Selector'
        - Select Don't include .CAB file
        - From dropdown select 'Field or Group(any data type)
        - Click Finish

Step 2: To create DataSource for Contact Selector
           - Add non repeating group 'group1'
           - Add repeating group 'Person'
           - Add 3 text fields ''DisplayName, 'AccounId', 'AccountType'

[Refer Snapshot]

Step 3: To add MORE THAN ONE people picker on the form

         - Create new group for new selector following same step as in Step2 name it as 'group2'
        - Now right click on existing 'Person' of group1 and select 'reference' and then select newly creatd  group that is 'group2'.
         - Similar xml structure will get copied. Follow same for the the rest.

Step 4: Drag all the contact selectors on the form

Step 5: Adding of Secondary Datasouce that is Context.xml which has Information of SharePoint Server to validate users against it.

       - In notepad type
<Context siteUrl="http://<yourserverername>" />

     - Save file as 'Context.xml'.
     - Create new DataConnection of 'Receiving type' and Source of data as 'XML'
     - Enabe option 'Include the data as resource file'.

-- Aks
----down select "Field or Group(any data type) and click finish From drop down select "Field or Group(any data type) and click finish
From drop down select "Field or Group(any data type) and click finish

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